Feedback about the performer:

Organ music in St. Catherine’s Basilica

[...] The concert of music of the XVI–XVII centuries performed by Andrei Kolomiitsev had the feel of improvisatory ease and delight. At times the audience succumbed to a unanimous desire: «Let this composition never end!»

[St. Petersburg musical newsletter, 19.09.2016]

Stuttgart style in brief

[Andrei Kolomiitsev performance style – ] emotional rather than sensual, transparent rather than straightforward, nobly restrained and overwhelmed with human warmth, unobtrusive and simultaneously dignified, filled with the presence of mind. This style is highly authentic. This authenticity is deep-felt and natural for the performer to such an extent that one is ready to get lost in its infinity[…]

«Harpsichord performer playing the organ» […] He is aware of all non-definable, hard-to-explain advantages of harpsichord over organ; he manages to make an ample use of harpsichord strong points while playing the organ. …His organ performance is enriched with imperceptible presence of the other instrument.

[«Organ» (Moscow), № 3-4 [19-20] / 2013]

Triumph of early music 

An extract from the interview with Yelena PRIVALOVA – the artistic director of “Organ evenings in Kuskovo” festival and a post-graduate student of organ department of the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky State Conservatory:

... One of the most outstanding concerts – in terms of audience reaction and program – was held on July 28. The main attraction was the performance of Alexander Listratov and a famous organist Andrei KOLOMIITSEV from St. Petersburg. One must admit that the program named “This wonderful France” was exquisite and even aesthetic. The musicians presented rather complicated compositions by French composers of baroque and rococo epoch which were not familiar to the audience. In a way, I put at stake my reputation as an artistic director: I was afraid of the audience response as after all this is an academic program, intended for connoisseurs of music which is not the case with Kuskovo inexperienced public. It came as a surprise that the performers at the end of the concert received a standing ovation.

[Newspaper «Goryanka», №33 (730), August 14th, 2013] 

Modest enchantment of early music

[Andrei Kolomiitsev’s performance has embodied] mature expertise, namely, a sense of time, intoning prominence, distinctness of melody lines and registration which are of particular significance for organ art.

 [«The Future of the Culture»,
a newspaper of the Academy of Culture and Arts Samara,
№ 3 (35), April / 2007]